Assembly Programs

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Improve Schoolwork

  • Improve Schoolwork ProgramThis program teaches several different memory systems based on rhymes, mnemonics, patterns and much more. These techniques are presented in a fun, light-hearted, fast-moving program that will have your students demonstrating their comprehension of these techniques on stage, before the program is even over.

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Making the Right Choices

  • Making The Right Choices ProgramEvery day, students face tough situations regarding drugs, alcohol and peer pressure. In addition, many students have trouble with personal responsibility, commitment, self-esteem and create self-limiting roadblocks in their lives. “It’s Your Choice, It’s Your Life” is an effective, motivational program for teens because it tackles these issues head-on, not only the idea of our future being what we make of it, but also safe-guarding ourselves against negative influences.

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Student Leadership

  • Student Leadership ProgramThis highly informative program teaches kids that leaders are made, not born, and that anyone can choose to be a leader if they choose. As with his other programs, Cris will use magic, mind reading, music, onstage volunteers, audience interaction and humor to engage the audience, hold their attention, and illustrate his concepts.

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  • Anti-Bullying ProgramThis program tackles bullying with middle and high school students head on! In addition to concepts of diversity, tolerance and respect, Cris challenges students to step in and get involved if they see someone getting bullied. Cris gives the students a simple 1-2-3 plan of action if they themselves are bullied. In short, he works to help students realize they are NOT alone and there is always an option!

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Drug Awareness

  • Drug Awareness ProgramThe things we say and the people we associate with have a big influence on our subconscious minds, which is where our habits are formed. Once formed, habits are often difficult to break. Cris Johnson’s “Breaking Negative Peer Pressure” program is designed to show teen audiences the power of their own minds, the dangers we fall into, and just as importantly, how we can safeguard ourselves against such things.

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