Q: What makes Cris Johnson different from other Motivational Speakers?

  • Q & AA: Over 15 years of experience has taught Cris that to effectively hold the attention of his audience, whether it’s a group of high school students or the adult faculty, an entertaining presentation is key. Cris uses a variety of techniques including humor, magic, audience participation, mind reading effects and much more to create a friendly, fun atmosphere to promote focus and information retention.

Q: Are Cris’ Motivational Programs high in content?

  • A: Every one of Cris’ motivational presentations gives his audience real “tools” that they can use immediately, in the real world. These tools literally can and do change lives…Cris is living proof…and he covers other true life examples in his programs.

Q: Does Cris provide follow-up materials?

  • A: Absolutely! Follow-up materials extend the life span of Cris’ presentations by allowing you to review the information in the weeks and months to come. Cris provides Teacher Support Materials for all of his school assembly programs to allow teachers to continue enforcing his messages throughout the year.

Q: What is the difference between Cris’ high school student assembly programs and his teacher inservice presentations?

  • A: Students and faculty face many of the same challenges everyday, however, they are perceived differently by each group. Cris’ assembly programs for high school students address these issues on a level young adults can relate to and utilize, while his teacher and faculty in-service programs address these issues in a more mature manner adults will respond to.

Q: Are all of Cris’ presentations the same?

  • A: Absolutely not!!! While all of his programs use humor, magic, mind-reading effects and audience participation the actual content of each show is vastly different from the others. The individual magic effects, humor and content vary greatly from program to program.

Q: What do we need to provide for Cris to present his programs?

  • A: Not much. If your group is larger than 100 people a raised stage aids in the visibility of the presentation, however, Cris can and has performed for 300+ people with great success without the benefit of a raised platform. Cris’ only requirement for all of his presentations is one electrical outlet to plug in his state-of-the-art sound system (if within driving distance) or access to a school PA system (if flying to your school).

Q: What are Cris’ Fees?

  • A: Since Cris Johnson travels all over North America, fees do vary. Contact Cris Johnson TODAY to receive an all-inclusive, no-obligation quote for your school. Additionally, ask Cris about his multi-school discounts.

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