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Comedy Stage Hypnosis

Stage Hypnosis is a hilarious, interactive program where the volunteers are the STARS of the show…literally! Volunteers are hypnotized using fun hypnotic techniques, guided into a trance, and then their personalities are altered, their surroundings changed, and every “suggestion” is accepted by the volunteers as real – even things like suggesting a volunteer is invisible or that the entire audience is changing into CATS!

Cris’ hypnosis programs are 100% voluntary – meaning no one has to participate who doesn’t want to. Your guests who do decide to experience this wonderful state of relaxation will wake up feeling proud of themselves: they’ll truly be the stars of the show, and while in trance, their cares, concerns and worries will disappear.


  • You’ll see your guests driving imaginary sportscars and hear them give the police excuses for why they were speeding
  • One guest will believe the audience is changing into CATS…and then will go into the audience to pet the cats!
  • A guest will forget the number 6…and whenever he counts the fingers of anyone’s hands, he will come up with11!
  • Someone will believe he is invisible!

And Much More!

The “Fortune Teller” Show

Fortune TellerWith this show, your guests will be completely convinced that ESP is real! While NOTHING embarrassing is revealed, your attendees will be amazed at how much details of their personal lives, wishes for the future and more is revealed.

Here’s a sample:

Impossible Mind Reading – Guests think of long-lost friends, pet names, drawings and more…yet this information is pulled from their minds!

Long Distance Mindreading – One guest is asked to think of ANY word in the world. Then the guest is asked to think of ANY person and their phone number…Cris pulls that phone number from the guest’s mind and calls that guest during the show. Then, impossible as it seems, the person on the phone reveals the “ANY word” thought of!

Futures Revealed – EVERYONE in the audience is asked to think of a question about their own future. WITHOUT anything being written down, Cris reveals many guests’ questions…and answer those questions! This is the strongest possible thing ANY mind reader can do!

The “Weird & Bizarre” Magic Show

Weird & Bizarre Magic ShowMost of the adults reading this website grew up watching David Copperfield or Doug Hennig perform magic on television. As times change, so do art forms. Magic that appeals to teens these days is often “edgy,” with an element of danger to it. Modern-day magicians such as David Blaine and Criss Angel have redefined what magic is to 21st century teenagers. The amount of YouTube views that both Criss Angel and David Blaine get is astounding.

This means that magic is just as popular today as it was in decades past…but it has evolved. Cris Johnson has designed a magic show for teens that appeals to them on their level. Effects of seeming danger (yet 100% safe), unexplained seeming paranormal happenings, and surreal illusions laced with teen-friendly yet clean, non-offensive comedy make this show a fantastic entertainment option for your entire event!



Discover inner details of your psyche! Using only the answers to a few simple questions, the performer will give you insightful details into your own personality! After hearing the reading, each guest will have the opportunity to ask the performer one question pertaining to their own destiny.

Each guest is given a 5-minute reading, making this program the perfect “add on” to any of the above programs, or as an evening of entertainment all on its own. We typically offer this service by the hour, as an optional service guests can do one-on-one.


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What Some of Our Clients Have To Say…

“Because of you, we had the best turnout ever…!”

“I just wanted to thank you for your amazing program! The students thought you were terrific! Because of you, we had the best turnout ever! (at least three times last year). We never had a turnout like that before and I will recommend you highly! Thanks, Cris!”

-Linda Odden, Starpoint Post Prom Chairperson – Starpoint High School, Lockport, NY

“We have already decided to book him again for next year!”

“Cris was very easy to work with and the kids really enjoyed his show. We booked him as entertainment for our All Night Party after graduation and he showed up promptly. He did a great job of keeping the audience engaged, while ensuring that the show was tasteful and appropriate for 17 and 18 year olds. We have already decided to book him again for next year.”

Laurie McManus, Watertown High School PTSO – Watertown, MA

“…an incredible show!”

“It was an incredible show! The students were incredibly engaged and it was a fun experience for everyone. EVERYTHING that you did was entirely safe and appropriate.”

Paula Hurley, Principal – Charles Dickerson High School

“We would LOVE to have you back next year!”

“The show you presented was GREAT! We found you easy to work with and best of all, the program content was safe and appropriate. We would love to have you back next year!”

-Bob Campese, Assistant Principal – East Syracuse Minoa High School, East Syracuse, NY

“The show was great!”

“I thought the show was great! A lot of the students were involved. It was really awesome. He had everyone laughing and having a good time after a day of leadership.”

-Erin Rubin, Deputy Prime Minister of the York Region President’s Council – Canada

“…fantastic and hilarious…”

“It was fantastic, and hilarious!  I would highly recommend it to anybody.”

-Steve Leffler, Class Advisor – Starpoint High School, Lockport, NY

“They loved it!”

“It was totally entertaining and fun to watch. The kids were really involved and they loved it. It was really fun to see their personalities come out and their creativity. I would LOVE to recommend this program to other schools.”

– Liz Banner, Teacher – Brockport High School, Brockport, NY

“That was AMAZING!”

“The kids absolutely LOVED it! Thanks so much!!”

-Kathy Lien, Post-Prom Committee Chairperson – Crookston High School, Crookston, MN

“We would LOVE to have you again next year!”

“That turned out SO well! It was so much fun watching the kids’ personalities come out. We need to get your contact information for our file because we would LOVE to have you come back next year!”

-Geraldine Persiani, Graduation Committee Chairperson – Barbers Hill High School, Mont Belvieu, TX


“I thought it was a great show…Everyone was very attentive and they felt very involved. I would highly recommend this program to other schools.”

Holly Brink, Class Advisor – Sherman Central School, Sherman, NY

“…a fun-filled, memorable event for everyone…!”

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for making the  Project Graduation celebration for the Fair Lawn High School a fun-filled, memorable evening for everyone!  The feedback I  received from the students regarding your show was extremely  positive.  I thought everything was funny, and presented in a very  appropriate manner.  I know our students will have some wonderful  memories from this evening! It was a pleasure to work with you on this event and I will be happy  to pass along your business card…Thanks again  for a great evening!

Colleen Meitzler, Fair Lawn High School Graduation Committee – Fair Lawn, NJ