The Drug Awareness Assembly Program


Why do teens begin underage drinking? Why does a person try recreational drugs for the first time? Why do smart teens throw their education away for life  on the streets? One key is the power of our own minds and how our thoughts shape our decisions and thus our future… all without us even realizing it!

The things we say and the people we associate with have a big influence on our subconscious minds, which is where our habits are formed. Once formed, habits are often difficult to break.

Cris Johnson’s “Breaking Negative Peer Pressure” program is designed to show teen audiences the power of their own minds, the dangers we fall into, and just as importantly, how we can safeguard ourselves against such things.

Drug Awareness ProgramAn important note: with a topic like this, it’s very easy for a presentation to become “preachy,” so Cris has taken his skills as an entertainer and found a way to communicate his message to teens in a way that will have them  clamoring to volunteer and experience the program first-hand, on stage… through the power of stage hypnosis!

As a Certified Instructor of Hypnosis through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and as a Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), Cris has the training, experience and background to help your students understand the power of their minds.

Cris has used hypnosis all across North America to captivate thousands of teens during assembly programs, post-prom and post grad events, fundraisers and more. Because hypnosis shows are so interactive, your teens will be riveted to him from the moment he takes the stage until the moment he leaves!

As to the content of the program itself, hypnosis is a fantastic way to illustrate just how easily we as people are influenced by thoughts. We are social creatures and as such, we consciously and subconsciously crave human contact and acceptance. Because of our desire for acceptance, we often leave ourselves open to be persuaded to make choices that can derail our future… choices such as trying drugs for the first time or giving up on education.

At it’s core, “Breaking Negative Peer Pressure” focuses on these main points:

  • How the words you say can influence your thoughts by reinforcing “self-limiting beliefs.”
  • How someone else’s words can influence our thoughts
  • The factors that shape whether someone can influence us
  • The speed in which we can ALLOW ourselves to fall under someone’s “spell.”
  • Ways to safeguard against negative influences in our lives…and thus prevent ourselves from being persuaded to make self-destructive (drugs, alcohol, etc) choices.
  • How to begin training your mind TODAY to begin to accept a POSITIVE future!

Your students will see Cris hypnotize a group of students – and then he will use humorous hypnosis skits to illustrate just how easily all people can be influenced.

Here’s just a sample of what your students will see & experience:

  • Volunteers will believe they relaxing on a sunny beach
  • Students will get to experience the hilarity of a “Game Show” in Hollywood!
  • A television talk show segment will highlight the imagination and creativity of several students
  • By experiencing and BELIEVING a series of wonderful, positive experiences, Cris will illustrate just how easily we can ‘convince’ ourselves that we can have the future we want!
  • And MUCH more!

After the gasps of amazement and laughter, your teens will come away with the tools necessary to understand how to make the best life decisions possible.

Perfect for breakout sessions, leadership conferences or assembly programs, and more!

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What Some of Our Clients Have To Say…

“They didn’t want the program to end!”

“Mr. Johnson presented an AWESOME program to our 7th & 8th graders. Middle school principals: if you’re concerned about the kids being attentive and cooperative, they were all of that and more. Some of the students that I usually have the worst problem with, today wanted to participate. If you’re looking for someone to come into your school and give this type of dynamic presentation, Mr. Johnson is the individual you need to seek. He was awesome!”

Dr. Gina Stevenson, Principal – Charter School For Applied Technologies, Buffalo, NY

“We have had him two years in a row…”

“Cris is really great with the kids…He is both entertaining and informative. We have had him two years in a row and the kids really enjoy Cris’ programs. Outstanding!”

Carm Proctor, Principal – Jefferson Middle School, Jamestown, NY

“It was money well spent…it was one of the finest assembly programs that our school has presented.”

“The teachers commented that the students’ attention was remarkable…it was one of the finest assembly programs that our school has presented. Not only were the students attentive, their feedback proved that they had gained knowledge and retained important information that Cris was hoping for. We thank Mr. Johnson for helping our students learn important life lessons through magic and hope to have him back again in the near future. It was money well spent!”

Regina Granchelli, Vice Principal – DeSales Catholic School, Lockport, NY

“…well-presented, dynamic, and very entertaining.”

“Cris was able to keep the audience captivated for 45 minutes. The program was well presented, dynamic, and very entertaining. His upbeat show along with his sense of humor and timing provide an excellent program for students. I would recommend this program for schools without hesitation.”

NancyJean Osborn, Principal – Byron-Bergen Central School

“…he was great to work with!”

“It was a great program! The kids really paid attention and they really got something out of it. Cris was very accommodating and very accommodating. He didn’t ask for anything and he was great to worth with.”

Elizabeth Smyton, Guidance Counselor – Charter School For Applied Technologies, Buffalo, NY


“The program was very productive for them. He was very easy, very simple to deal with. He had everything as a complete package and we had to do very little. I would really recommend him to other schools and we want him back too!”

Principal Shelby – Haverstraw Middle School, Haverstraw, NY

“Excellent! Pacing & review of content was very valuable!”

“I thought it was a great show…Everyone was very attentive and they felt very involved. I would highly recommend this program to other schools.”

Holly Brink, Class Advisor – Sherman Central School, Sherman, NY

“Cris did a great job!”

“Cris is very easy to work with…The students enjoyed the presentation, especially all the magic. The messages of respect and how to handle bullies was easy for kids to understand. Cris did a great job!”

Dan Bracey, Principal – Washington Middle School, Jamestown, NY

“The show was great!”

“I thought the show was great! A lot of the students were involved. It was really awesome. He had everyone laughing and having a good time after a day of leadership.”

Erin Rubin, Deputy Prime Minister of the York Region President’s Council – Canada

“…fantastic and hilarious…”

“It was fantastic, and hilarious! I would highly recommend it to anybody.”

Steve Leffler, Class Advisor – Starpoint High School, Lockport, NY

“It was really fun!”

“It was totally entertaining and fun to watch. The kids were really involved and they loved it. It was really fun to see their personalities come out and their creativity. I would LOVE to recommend this program to other schools.”

Liz Banner, Teacher – Brockport High School, Brockport, NY

“They loved it!”

“Outstanding! The program was able to ring true to them all. They loved it!”

Marsha Miller, Teacher – Northern Chautauqua Catholic School, Dunkirk, NY


“Cris did a great job with our assemblies! His presentation was developmentally appropriate and his message was delivered in a fun way. Cris was very easy to work with and his message was outstanding! Excellent!”

Principal Bonnie Smith – West Valley Central School, West Valley, NY

“Great message!”

“Outstanding! Very entertaining…great idea to relate message with personal experiences! Great message!”

Ms. Kelly Kotlik, Teacher – North Tonawanda Catholic School, North Tonawanda, NY